Sunday, January 22, 2012


I am just going to take a moment and tell you how lucky I feel to love in a place where my kids have found such awesome friends..
Cassidy has CasiDee, Whitney,Laura, Cerena, "B", Jacob, Caroline and lots of others. These kids are such good kids and I am so glad that when she goes out the door with them. She can go and I know that they are having good "clean" fun. That they are upholding their standards, and high morals. It just makes me so happy!

Sarah and Abby have found in Kayla and Ashlee, Myah and Aurora...little soul mates. I love hearing them laugh, plan and have fun. I hope these girls are lifelongers!


This year Halloween was awesome. we missed the annual Halloween party at the McKibben's because Shawn and I had our broadway tickets, so instead we were at Mama Mia. which was fun but cruder then it had to be. I was sad to have missed the one party of the year that I look forward too. For the past few years me and the Brown's "crash" evergreen wards Halloween party because they always have the most awesome Spook Alley, thanks to my friend janet Murdock who is halloween's Best friend..Cassidy and Nathan got invited to the Nissinen's FIRST teenager party, Cassidy decided to go as Sandy in Grease. Cassidy had a ton of fun at the party, Nathan is not as social and didn't get as involved but had a good time too.
On the actual day of Halloween we shared a meal with the Brown's and Jensen's using the Browns place as a "home base" (No one really trick or treats in my circle as it is a bit cut off from the world I guess.
Anyways as always with the Brown's and Jensen's we had a GREAT time laughing and handing out candy. The girls really wanted to go alone this year so we broke down and let them and they had an awesome time too! The Braithwaite's came and went trick or treating with the kiddo's too. What a fun holiday! here are all the pictures from our Halloween festivities!

Aurora was Cleopatra and Sarah a punk!

 Ashlie a prom queen, Nathan were not really sure...matrix maybe

 decorations at Evergreen's ward party!

 Nicole Brown and Avery Jensen

 Abigail and Myah

Best friends Whitney and Cassidy at the Nissinen's party!

 Whitney Braithwaite, Cassidy and Claire Nadauld
 Bee Nissinen as Justin Beiber
 CasiDee, Claire, Whitney & Cassidy

 Jacob Nissinen as Scooby?

 Emily Henstrom
 Cerena Crook

 Ammon Lloyd

 Katelyn Braithwaite

Braithwaite's front porch later in the night someone smashed them the suckers!