Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seattle & Twilight Tour

Port Townsend Court House

  Both Edward and Jacob happened to be hanging out!

 Bella's truck

 Bella's house in Forks
 La Push, WA

 Can you imagine a vampire or a wolf in these woods?

 Jacob was faollowing us around...seriously!


Monday, September 19, 2011

More Summer Fun

We planted a cherry tree last year....Last year we got 5 cherries. This is our bounty this year..and they were delicious!

 We got marionberries. And I made a cobbler...Abby loved it..As you can tell!

 This year to compensate for NOT going to Grandma's in California, I took Sarah, Abby and Nathan to Seaside. We stayed in a hotel for 3 nights. (Cass was at girls camp) Shawn joined us after his work week! This was a few days of saying "yes" so I said yes to the tilt a whirl, the bike trolley ride, the aquariam, the caramel apple, and  fish and chips every day! It was a great week!

Beach Trip

KIm Stokes imvited me and the girls to spend a week at her Mom's condo at Rockaway Beach. I love the ocean because it is so peaceful. I love hanging with Kim, Valerie, and Emma too. We can taqlk for hours or just sit beside each other and read our books. It is awesome. Kim has lived here her whole life and has never been to the column in Astoria...So on one of our days that is where I took them. We all flew our little wooden airplanes off the top, and then we went and saw the Goonie House, and the sealions. It was a great RELAXING....week
Thanks Stokes...and Penny!